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The funny thing, Izzard says, is that she had first announced she was trans in 2017 in the Hollywood Reporter and nobody had taken a blind bit of notice. But this time it was different. Within hours of the show being broadcast everything had changed — her Wikipedia entry and IMDb history were revised, and every media organisation was running stories about how he had become a she. Actually, Izzard says, she had not intended to be so definitive about it. She had always talked about being in boy mode most of the time and girl mode part of the…

The loss or decrease in ability to feel pleasure from things we once enjoyed has a name: anhedonia.

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So of late I’ve been experiencing a lot of grief over feelings of abandonment, isolation and loneliness. So much so that I’ve been associating transition with this directly. I might be able to identify and understand why this might be the case logically. But sub-consciously I believe that I have a long way to go. Part of this is the loss of connection with a significant part of my identity, in some ways the female elements having so long being suppressed…

Some people love buying gifts.
Some love big displays of affection.
Some just need to hear the words “I love you.”

I’ve seen many photos of bare streets over the last year with somber comments underneath, and while it is sad, that’s not my overarching emotion when I see those photos.

It’s love.

It’s love from the restaurant owner to someone he will never meet. It’s a sacrifice of his income to make sure that stranger is safe.

It’s love from the person whose birthday it is who says, “it’s ok, we can catch up afterwards!” …

How experiences as a child drive our realities.

I need for the sake of privacy and to protect those whom I love, to write this in such a way that may not come across as clearly as I might like. I know that my gender does not fit in the binary Male / Female and likely has always been this way especially as my first memories of feeling that there’s a ‘girl’ element to my identity exist alongside any memories of childhood I retain. Essentially, always then.

However, during a very critical period in my childhood from aged 8–14 my…

Is highlighting ‘difference’ a sound approach to general acceptance?, Robson Michel.

I want to be completely up front here in that I wholeheartedly support an international day of Transgender visibility and I’m writing this simply to stimulate thought around what it means to be accepted and treated as any other human in society. However, more for a few practical reasons than anything else, today personally, I’ve tied back my hair and not shaved the grey stubble off my face and won’t be marching on parliament house!

When seeking resolution between two individuals (e.g. marriage)that are in disagreement it is…

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Anyone can request to submit writing but please understand that this publication is committed to amplifying voices from the trans community — both trans adults, partners and family.

Contact Maddie by email at: with a brief outline of your own aims of writing, general themes and topics you expect to cover and I may be able to add you as a writer. All forms of submissions considered including Non-Fiction, Fiction, Poetry etc etc.


  • Transgender experiences may accept work that has been published outside of Medium (e.g., blog, magazine, thesis). This will be at the discretion of the editors.
  • Transgender…

Finding my Soul, am I male or female…..

I should probably explain that a core belief of mine is that I believe that the human body and the soul are separate entities. I believe the soul is always in search of progression and that’s what drives us to be better and do more−without our souls, there’s a good chance we might still be cavemen (or monkeys if you sit in Darwin’s camp).

As humans with bodies, we get hungry, our bodies need water, activity and like most species, we are either male or female and we have an instinctual desire…

Transgender Transition

Connecting with Other Trans Women.


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I first connected with other women in my situation in my late 20’s immediately after finishing my Nursing Degree, some 25 years ago now. I had a good job and my own flat, a new car and was ready to explore the world. This was very early times for the internet but either through this or via an Ad in a Trans specific magazine I found a small local group. Initially, I corresponded in writing (as in paper and envelope!) but eventually had the number of a woman named Kate whom held group meetings at her home.

Transgender transition

As I learn to accept all parts of myself, even my insecurities and weaknesses, I have made a healing discovery that’s become a lifeline in times of distress

The momentous discovery is this: Fear wears disguises “I’m not mad; I’m scared! This is fear talking. I have been able to look back on some of the most shameful incidents of my life and see them in a whole new light. I’d always wondered how I could be so mean and controlling to people I loved so much. …


Emerging woman whom has lived her life so far as a male.

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